About Us

Jeanblanc International Inc. (JBI) specializes in advanced environmental technologies for the oil industry. JBI has offices, laboratories, manufacturing and warehousing at the former Savanna Depot. JBI owns 50 acres and nine 11,000 sq. ft. Each building has rail frontage for its manufacturing and warehousing within the Foreign Trade Zone of the Depot. This brings many advantages to JBI in its business capabilities with overseas venture partners.

Jeanblanc International discovered new molecular science and has spent years developing that science into two technologies that revolutionize present methods in the Oil & Gas Industry. LCSM recovers more stranded oil from wells or tar sands than any other known technology on the market without the need for steam or damaging the environment. The second technology, JDPSM, the Jeanblanc Desulfurization Process, reduces sulfur content in crude oil or in petroleum products to the new limits of 15ppm also without added heat or pressure. Existing methods of Hydro-treating uses high heat and high pressure to reduce the sulfur to the new limits with the huge equipment and operating costs being the primary reason refineries are closing or having to spend 100's of millions $ to retrofit existing refineries.

Equally important is that both JBI technologies are much more environmentally friendly than existing industry technologies. JDPSM removes sulfur from fuels prior to becoming an air pollutant which causes acid rain. LCSM and JDPSM both use new molecular science that was discovered internally by JBI. These proprietary processes and chemical reactions do not require added heat or pressure. This means both technologies avoid the CO2 pollution caused by competing processes which require huge amounts of heat and/or pressure to create even less effective results. JBI also has direct up-stream experience from owning more than 40 oil & gas wells and also has direct access to products for sale directly to the buyer without broker intermediaries.

For more information about Jeanblanc International Inc. and its proprietary technologies, services, or joint venture opportunities, please call (815) 598-3400 or info@jeanblanc.com.